A podcast app that helps you listen more and manage less.

Spend less time managing

and more time listening

Notes & Chapters

View all episode metadata. Show notes and chapters with links and images are both supported.

Lightweight Playlists

Airshow takes a different approach to playlists. By combining the ability to follow a show and add it to a playlist in the same step, everything you need to do is in one place.

Sync with Feedbin

Keep your subscriptions, queue, playback positions and preferences in sync across all your devices. Use it with your Feedbin subscription at no additional cost.


Select episodes from your queue and get access to native playback controls on your car's entertainment system.

Mini Player

Never lose track of what is currently playing and access playback controls anywhere in the app.


See what's loaded in Airplay and get immediate playback, right from your Homescreen and lockscreen.


Download just the episodes that interest you with keyword filters. Also automatically skip chapters.


Get rich notification in real time so you always know when your favorite podcast has a new episode.

Playback Speed

Speed up playback to save on time for high volume listening.


Set playback to stop at the end of an episode or a custom time of your choosing.

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